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Hiretranslator is a leading player in the global translation industry. We are based in India and we cater to the translation needs of the customers from all over the world. Our company has been in this industry for several years. We have experience offering translation services to wide range of niches.

Hiretranslator is a full service translation company dealing with all types of translation services. We are powered by a large team of translators. All our translators have been hand picked to guarantee the finest quality translation services to our customers. We are driven by our own commitment to offering the best quality services to our customers. We make sure that every translation order is treated with utmost care. Hiretranslator sets the highest standards in the translation industry. If we have become one of the leading players in the industry it is mainly because of our consistently dependable services. We follow stringent quality guidelines in all the services offer. We make sure that all the work we deliver is subjected to complete quality tests.

As a company with customer satisfaction at the core of its business model is always ready to go the extra mile. While ensuring that you we give the best quality services to our customers, we also ensure that all the translation services that we offer are priced competitively. Hiretranslator helps you enjoy the best of both worlds namely excellent prices and top-class translation services.

To ensure that you get the best value for your money we continually work on improving the standard of our services, which sets us apart from the rest of the competition in the industry.

  • We strive hard to maintain highly professional standards in our services while at the same time; we also ensure that we are approachable friendly. We have carved a special niche for ourselves in this industry.
  • Hiretranslator also strives hard to build trust and confidence among its customers by highly dependable services. We promise to keep our services honest and transparent. You will be able to count on our services without any hesitation. We make sure that every order is delivered to the customers not only in a professional way but also in the most prompt fashion.
  • We believe in offering our customers with highly enhanced customer experience. Regardless of the nature of the order and the value of the order, we treat every customer equally giving due attention to your order.
  • Hiretranslator believes in providing the customers with the best customer support. You will receive diligent customer support that will enhance your experience with our company further. We make ourselves easily accessible through phone as well as through email.
  • Our mission is to bring to our customers impeccable translation services, making our services as comprehensive as possible delivering excellent quality solutions at the most reasonable prices. We put our customers first before everything else.

We encourage you to take advantage of our comprehensive range of translation services to enjoy hassle free solutions and great savings in the process.

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