Seven Factors That Contribute To The Pricing Of Your Translation Job Quotes

Are you in the process of collecting quotes from multiple translation companies? Are you surprised with the huge variations in the quotes that you receive for the same job? The cost of translation services are not regulated in any way and each service provider is free to price their services as they please. As a customer, you are likely to be confused with such variations. When there is going to be such stark variations between quotes, deciding the right service provider can prove to be really tricky. It is always helpful to get the bigger picture rather than trying to understand individual quotes. Here are seven factors that normally contribute to the pricing of your translation job quotes.

Seven Factors That Contribute To The Pricing Of Your Translation Job Quotes

#1 The Reputation Of the Service Provider

The reputation of the service provider has a lot to do with their pricing. A new comer in the translation industry will not dare to price their services too high for the fear that customers may not try their services. This may not be the case with a popular and reputed service provider that has several years of experience in the translation industry. This is applicable not only with the to the translation industry but to any niche that name. This however only increases your chances of getting good quality services and it does not really guarantee anything. A reputed service provider too can turn in a sloppy work at times.

#2 Quote Type

Translation service providers make use of different quoting systems. The variation in the quotes that you receive could also be because each service provider is using a different type of pricing system. When you are getting your quote from different service provider check with them their pricing model. Service providers that provide customized quotes should be prepared.

#3 Nature Of The Operation

The nature of the operation also plays a significant role in the quotes you receive. If you are going to deal with a freelancer, he or she will be operating from their basement or from their bedroom. They will not have any huge overhead costs except for their time and the internet bills. Such service providers will be able to do the translation jobs for very low prices. However, the risk level is high here unless and until you establish long-term association with your freelance service provider. On the other hand, if you are going to deal with a large corporation that engages thousands of translators from all over the world, they are going to have huge overhead expenses. The level of professionalism and the level of service satisfaction that they guarantee will also vary. It is up to you to decide which type of service provider that you would like to hire. Your decision of course will have its own repercussions on the quote.

#4 Quality Of The Translators

The quality of the translators used by a company and their hourly rate is going to have a huge impact on your quote. If your translation service provider is going to use only native speakers for all their translation jobs then you should expect the translation quotes to be on the higher end.

#5 Turnaround Time

If you are working with close deadlines then it will affect your quote. Rush orders or priority orders are priced high. When you get your quote from your service provider check with them on the price variation between regular orders and rush orders.

#6 Scope And The Features Of The Service

Obviously what you actually get from your translation company will affect the quote. Some service providers may include even proof reading and editing under optional features to make their quotes look competitive. Other service providers may include such features to as part of their basic services. When you are comparing the quotes try to pay attention to such differences and you will be able get a better grasp on variations in the quotes that you receive. What looks cheap may not really be cheap until you start comparing the prices meaningfully.

#7 Quality of Customer Support

Finally, the quality of the support offered by your service provide will have its bearing on the quote. If your service provider is going to provide you with 24×7 support then they need to be staffed which is going to cost them. This will reflect on the quote but in return, you will enjoy very good customer experience.

The next time you receive your quotes from your translation service provider do not make your decision just based on the price but pay attention to all the factors discussed above.

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