Seven Types Of Translation Services And What They Offer

For most of us, translation services simply mean converting a piece of text from one language to the other. Though that is what happens ultimately with translation services, when you really seek out for the services of a translation company, your translation service provider will pose several questions and it is important for them to have those details to provide you with an accurate quote. There are different types of translation services and the skills required for each type of translation service varies. The quote for each type of translation service also will vary because of this. As you can see, you cannot approach the translation industry blindly. You need to first familiarize yourself with the basics so that you can become a knowledgeable customer. We can classify translation services to at least to seven major categories and these are not rigid categories but fluid.

Seven Types Of Translation Services And What They Offer


Business and Finance Translation Services

You will need business and financial translation services if you are a corporation that is looking for financial documents such as tax returns, accounts files, billing related documents, invoices, quotes, purchase orders, insurance related documents, etc., to be translated. This type of translation certainly requires professional translators. It is not enough to have knowledge in source and target languages. Familiarity with financial jargons and terminologies is essential to effectively translate business and finance related documents. If this is what you are looking for then always hire a company that specializes in business and finance translation services. You will certainly need the best people in the industry to handle the job.

Document Translation

Though the term document translation may look like a general term, here again specific document translation experience is required. It covers translation of survey reports, research reports, academic papers and so on. These documents can be coming from wide range of niches. The translator should have vast experience to deal with wide range of requirements from diverse fields. The more experienced the translator the better the quality of the translation.

Legal Translation

As the name suggests, this type of translation service covers all legal documents. Some of the common legal translation requirements that customers have include real estate sale deeds, creation of legal Will, documents pertaining to legal claims, lawsuits and the like are covered here. One has to be a qualified legal translator to do a good job. Accuracy of the translation is of paramount importance. There is no room for errors here.

Medical Translation

Wide range of translation jobs are covered under medical translation. It can be anything from medical case studies, medical research, patient history, medical report, diagnosis report and so on. Here again the translator should be a qualified translator that is familiar with the medical terminologies. This is one area of translation that will strictly require professional translation service.

Patent Translation

This is a very straightforward translation service. Patent documents are notorious for their jargons and terminologies. This type of translation can also be considered part of legal translation services. Patent translation services can also be a standalone translation service whereby the service provider specializes in patents.

Technical Translation

It can be technical document from diverse industries. Engineering and scientific documents that needs translation will call for technical translation services. To translate the documents here the translator should be from the respective technical background. Technical translation requires field specific expertise and qualification. Never send your technical translation requirements to a general translation service provider, as they will not be able to do justice to your requirements.

Website Translation

This covers not just translation of web pages but everything related to the web. It can be your web pages, it can be articles that you are posting in the article directories or your blogs and so on. There is an increasing demand these days for website translation needs. Creating content for the web requires a special flair. When you are translating your text that flair should not be lost in the translation process.

We can further identify sub categories under each of these major categories. However, most of the translation requirements will fall under one of these categories. When you approach your translation company, you should know what type of service provider to look for so that you can enjoy reliable services. Work with experienced service providers to ensure good quality translations. Before hiring your translation service provider, you should make a quick research online to find out the average translation rates for your particular genre of translation work that you have.

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