Six Important Stages Of Translation Process – Insider Information

Have you ever wondered how a translation company actually processed the orders and what exactly happened when a translation project received? Yes, it will be interesting to learn the translation process and getting the insider view of the process.

Six important stages


#1 The process starts with you the customer. You initiate the process by sending your quote request to your translation company. You know what happens up to the process of sending your quote request. When you send your quote request, it will be received by the requirements analysis team, which will review your needs, the documents you send and the other information you provide them with. The requirements analysis team will come up with the quote for the translation job at hand. The quote will include both cost and the timeline for the completion of the project. Quote is sent to the customer for review and if the customer is happy with the quote will make the payment and initiate the translation process.

#2 After completing the payment the customer will be sending the source document along with any special instructions that one may have. The source document will again be reviewed by the requirements analysis team to confirm whether the actual requirements match the information provided by the customer for quotation. After confirmation, the order will be forwarded to the project manager who will assign the right resource for the task at hand.

#3 The designated translator will work on the source document following any special translation specifications provided by the customer and completes the translation work.

#4 The translated work is moved to the editing and proof reading team for a complete review. The editorial team reviews the work and perfects it.

#5 Once the editorial team completes the review process it is passed on to the quality testing team. The quality control team reviews the document and tries to identify errors if any. Only when the document passes through the checklist of the quality control team it is forwarded to the delivery team. If there should be any issues with the translation it is either sent to the translator or to the editorial team depending on the nature of the issues identified. The cycle continues until the work passes the quality control team.

#6 The delivery team or the project manager forwards the file to the customer. Customer sends feedback if any and requests for corrections if any. The requested changes are implemented and final delivery is made to the customer.

If you hire a reputed translation company you need not have to worry about micromanaging the project. Your translation company will assign a project manager that will take care of the day to day management of the project. You will not have to worry about the internal processes. You will have to follow up only if the work is not delivered as per the deadline agreed. Hiring a reputed translation company will help you save on the hassles and get your job done fast.

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