Steps To Simplify Your Translation Projects

Very often customers think or at least they are made to believe that executing a translation project is a difficult task. As a result, they try to postpone the process. In fact, this need not be so; completing your translation projects should be same as meeting any other business requirements and hiring translation companies is same as hiring any other business services. Here are important steps for simplifying your translation projects.

Steps to Simplify

#1 Requirements Clarification – Make sure that you know what you want. Translation requirements can be basically classified into two categories viz., one time and ongoing. The next type of classification will be based on the genre of the translation text that you have at hand. For example, simple document translation, financial translation, legal translation, medical translation and so on. Depending on the nature of your business, your translation requirements are likely to fall under one of these categories and only in some rare cases, you are likely to have multiple genres for translation. Understand the nature of your requirements and classify them. This is an important step because only based on this step you will be finding your service provider.

#2 Translation Company Selection – You should try to get multiple quotes from translation companies. Today, the internet has made the entire process of getting quotes from the translation companies easier than ever. Here are few important things that you need to do to select the right service provider and it is just not the quote but various other factors that have to be taken into account.

  1. Review the past work of the service provider.
  2. Review their credibility in the industry.
  3. Check for references from their customers.
  4. Check whether they will be able to meet your current as well as the future translation requirements both in terms of the volume of the work and also in terms of the nature of the translation tasks. Find a translation company that offers the most comprehensive list of services so that you do not have to look for an alternative service provider when the nature of your requirements changes.
  5. Consolidate all your current requirements before sending them to translation companies.
  6. Request for the quote.
  7. Compare quotes not just in terms of their pricing but take into consideration all the above factors to decide.

#3 Sending The Work To Your Translation Service Provider – Each translation service provider will have their own translation process. Try to understand the translation process of your service provider so that you will know when to follow up with them.

This might seem like an elaborate process but if you do it right, you are required to do this just once. When you are spending a lot of time in selecting your service provider, you should know that you are not finding a service provider just for your current requirements but also for all your ongoing needs. If you try to rush through the process the first time, you will be required to repeat the process each time you need to hire translation services.

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