Top Five Factors Your Translation Project Checklist Should Have

If you are reading this, it is very likely that you have been looking for information on how to execute your translation projects. Though at a superficial level it might look like that it is very simple to execute a translation project and to get the text at hand translated, you will understand the complexities involved only when you really jump in to it. You might think that your responsibility is over once you find the best translator but things work out differently. All these are not to make you apprehensive about the translation task at hand but it is to present the facts as they are so that you will be better prepared to face the challenges.

Top Five Factors Your Translation Project Checklist Should Have

The first step in executing your translation project should be making a translation project checklist. Your translation project checklist should have the following five factors without fail. You will have to further breakdown each item in the checklist to the level required to successfully execute the project. The below checklist identifies the broad areas involved in any translation project. By following this checklist sequentially, you will be able to avoid confusions along the way and get good quality translation job.

#1 Requirements Analysis

Very often customers do not have in-depth knowledge about their own translation work. They start digging deep only when their translation service providers start asking for more information. Do not rush to search for your translation service providers before you have done your requirements analysis. Having detailed specifications for your translation project will help your service provider give you more accurate quotes.

#2 Preparation Of The Files To Be Sent To The Translation Company

Decide before hand in what format you are going to send the files for translation. You should include this information in your requirements specifications form and quote request form so that your service provider will know what it entails and whether any additional data entry is required for your translation job.

#3 Survey To Identify Your Preferred Service Providers – Receive Quotes

Try to make a complete online research on finding the best service providers. You will have to assess your service providers on important factors such as experience, reputation, deadline, customer support and the cost. Get quotes from short listed companies and compare the quote in conjunction with the other factors listed above.

#4 Project Discussion With The Selected Service Provider

Once you have identified your service provider and settled on your quote with them, discuss your project in detail with them. Make sure that your service provider walks you through the translation project and their processes. Fix a practical deadline for the completion of the job and get the assurance of your service provider on the completion of the job.

#5 Final Work Review

Once you receive the final work make sure that it is reviewed completely before you start using them or before you send it to the printing company. If required send it back to your translation company for reviews.

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