Top Five Mistaken Ideas That People Have About Translation Jobs

Every Industry has its own set of misconceptions and mistaken ideas, which hamper the growth of the industry some way or the other. The translation industry is no exception to this and people entertain many mistaken ideas regarding translation jobs and translation service providers. Here are some such misconceptions that you should be careful about so that you can avoid them.

Top Five Mistaken Ideas That People Have About Translation Jobs

#1 Online Free Translation Is Sufficient

One of the biggest translation misconceptions is that one could do with free online translation tools. In their desperation to keep their expenses low many people think that they can get a translation tool or subscribe to an online translation package for their ongoing translation needs. No, this is not sufficient! Though the latest online translation tools claim to have evolved a lot, software programs cannot possibly capture the essence of human language because human feelings are expressed through language and a machine can never possibly understand human feelings.

#2 Translation Service Providers Simply Use Automated Translation Tools

Many people have their doubts on the credibility of the translation companies. Many people think that their translation companies simply make use of some automated translation tools and charge them a bomb. It may be true to certain extent that the translation companies do have their own set of tools but no reputed service provider simply uses the translation tool and sends the documents to their customers. Accurate translation is possible only with human intervention.

#3 Translation Just Requires Someone That Knows The Language

Many people think that just when one knows they can become a translator. This is incorrect and there is lot more to translating a text than just the knowledge in the target and source language. One has to be familiar with the genre of the text, technical aspects of translation, formatting of the document. A translator should also have good editing and proofreading skills.

#4 Friends With Bilingual Skills Can Help Cut Costs

People think that they can send their translation requirements to their friends and probably cut costs just because their friend knows the language. This may be alright if you are just looking for help at a non-professional level. If you want something at professional level, you will have to seek a professional translation service. If your friend happens to be that professional translation service provider then you may probably use their services and not otherwise.

#5 No Special Qualification Is Required To Be A Professional Translator

To be a professional translator one should have completed qualifying courses to be a translator. If you want to get the best translation solutions, you should hire companies that hire qualified and certified translators. This is one of the important reasons why you should go with reputed service translation service providers in the industry. Well established translation companies with good reputation will have a dependable team of translators to deliver their services.

If you have been holding on to any of these misconceptions, better reconsider your views before you execute your translation work.

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