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Our Translation Process

Hiretranslator is a full service translation service provider. We offer our customers with the fastest translation services while at the same time ensuring the highest standards in all our services. We have a highly streamlined translation process, which sets us apart from the rest of the competition in the industry.

We are firstly a quote based translation service provider and this is to your advantage because you will be paying just the right price for your job. First you should send us your requirements and our experts will review your requirements closely and provide you with a written quote for the work. You just need to pay the quoted price and no other extra fee will be levied on you unless the requirements change. You will therefore know how much exactly it is going to cost you but the advantage here is that the quote you get is a customized quote. Along with the quote we will also send you the timeline for the completion of the work.

The next step is client order confirmation through payment. Once the payment is done, our team will get into work immediately without any delay. The translated work will be quality checked and once the work passes the quality check, it will be sent to the customer. We ensure that the entire process is handled within the agreed time frame. You will never have to doubt the efficiency of our translation procedures because we have fully tested and proven translation procedures. Send us your requirements for a free quote.

  • Customer requirements
  • Payment
    from customer
  • Quality
  • Work sent
    to customer
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